Voice Buddy is a professional text to speech converter software that converts any written text into Natural Sounding Voices like human. Voice Buddy is best sollution for content creators. It helps you to create natural voice text to speech for video, podcasts, e-commerce product video, presentation and lot more.

Voice Buddy Audio Samples

You’ll be amazed at all of the high quality voices available inside of VoiceBuddy. Nothing comes close to natural sounding speech to text. Take a listen for yourself
English is not today’s only popular language. That is why we ensured that VoiceBuddy featured various languages. In some of today’s most popular languages, this way you can build audio without missing a beat.
You can produce up to 10X more best quality videos than the competition using Voice Buddy. Its not a joke.  Just think of it. Every single day you would have videos that gain you extra money from inbound marketing, advertising revenue, and more!
  • One Time Investment Today. No Monthly Fees.
  • 141 of Voices To Choose From
  • 33 Languages To Choose From
  • VoiceBuddy Is Easy To Use for newbies
  • Risk Free 30 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
how to use VoiceBuddy

Here you will also be able to modify all of your text that you put into VoiceBuddy. The wide layout ensures that you can easily trim over your text.

Thechnical Features of Voice Buddy

  • Set The Pitch of Your Audio
  • Set Say As
  • Set Emphasis How You Like
  • Adjust The Speed of Speech
  • Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
  • Set Paragraph Breaks
  • Set Sentence Breaks
VoiceBuddy reviews

See, both Amazon Polly and Google Wave Net are best. If you ask me, go ahead of their time. But they’re still not a complete for text to speech solution.

If you want to seamlessly create natural text to speech like a human voice, you need to add natural pauses, pitch, voice power, and more. Voice Buddy has all these features to generate Natural Sounding Voices.

Voice Buddy is the best alternative for Amazon Polly and Google wavenet, even better with most affordable price tag.

It is so easy to use and Newbie-Friendly, No Programming or Technical Skills needed to get Realistic Sounding Voices In Only three steps.

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One Time Price Of  33$

 *No Monthly Fees.

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    Voice Buddy Text to speech Converter | Review | Features - TheBest4You

    VoiceBuddy is a professional text to speech converter software that converts any written text into Natural Sounding Voices like a human.

    Price: 33

    Price Currency: USD

    Operating System: Claude base (Works in any Browser Online)

    Application Category: "Text to Voice", "Multimedia" ,"Text to speech"

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