Smart Living Room is the new way to improve living standerd. This makes sense, as the living room is primarily the most important aspect for most Indian people. It’s the room you’re most likely gives the first impression of your home. It is also the place where smart tech innovations are most likely to be used.

There’s a lot of thins we’re bringing into our home and one of our first priorities is ensure our living room looks great for both us and our guests to appreciate. These budget smart ideas will subtly convert your living room toward a more intelligent and smart. Smart Living Room also elevated space which will make relaxing far more comfortable.


Smart living room technology has 3 components that make living special in 2020

  • Comfort

Ease of life is the driving force behind any upgrade in the home. Smart home devices make rudimentary tasks smooth and fun.

  • Ever-Evolving Needs

Modern problems require modern solutions. E.g., smart cams minimalize the need for a caretaker for home.

  • AI development

Artificial Intelligence has progressed leaps and bounds in the past decade. This is evident with the surge of virtual assistants like Alexa. This evolution of AI automatically paves the way for smart home gadgets.

Based on a survey by CNET (Media website), “81% of people with smart homes stated that they would be more likely to purchase a home with well-connected technology.”

Here are, the living room gadgets that will give you a, “Smart living room” in 2020:

List of Budget Ideas for Smart Living Room in 2020

1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Ever since its acquisition by Google, Nest has been revamped into 3rd It has a burnished design with stainless steel body and features including but not limited to its predecessors. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assist and IFTTT. With inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, it can communicate with the Nest Android app and iOS devices. Functionalities include detection and scheduling user temperature preferences. With 2.1” display, 480×480 resolution and rechargeable battery, this is worth your smart living room.

Google nest learning thermostat for living room

2. CP Plus 360°

Smart living room technology is incomplete without a smart camera. CP Plus 360°is a 1080p full HD cam with Wi-Fi compatibility. It has highly sharp images with minute detailing. The installation is easy and inexpensive owing to 85° tilt and 360°range. The intelligent motion sensor alerts the owner in case of intrusion. The 2-way talkback allows the user to interact with the person behind the camera, which allows better observation and security ubiquitously.

CP plus 360 living room camera

3. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier:

An appliance for hygiene, health and soothing this living room gadget removes allergens and offers the preferred atmosphere. Features like avant-garde design, robust HEPA filter, and LCD make it neat. Wi-Fi compatibility enables control from smartphones and devices like Amazon Alexa. It can be accessed using the Dyson Link app.

Dyson Hot Cool Link Air Purifier

4. Amazon Echo Dot

With simple installation and connection to the home network, Amazon Echo Dot can help you listen to music, make calls, schedule alerts, deliver news reports and so on. It is a one-stop-shop for your smart living room entertainment as it can access all the Amazon Prime services. It is compatible with numerous living room gadgets like SYSKA lights, Philips hue lights, TP-link, etc. With multi-layer protection, it provides privacy and smooth access.

Amazon Echo Dot living room gadgets

5. Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip by TP-Link

With increase of smart living room technology in every home, this particular gadget is a lifesaver. It can accommodate up to 6 devices at once. It has 3 USB ports for charging purposes. It is compatible with Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assist. All the connected devices can be remotely accessed via the Kasa app that is available for Android and iOS.

Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip by TP-Link

6. First Alert Onelink : Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a carbon monoxide and smoke detection living room gadget. With Amazon Alexa compatibility and inbuilt speaker, it can send a voice alert of 85-Decibel when the user is at home. In the case of the owner’s absence, it sends mobile notifications conveying possible danger. It follows a simple installation and operation via the First Alert mobile application.

First Alert Onelink Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

7. SYSKA LED Smart Tube-light

This latest contraption from SYSKA LED is Wi-Fi enabled that facilitates remote operation. It supports voice control and can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The user simply has to set up communication via SYSKA ‘Smart Home app’. With affordable prices between ₹1999- ₹2199, it can be a valuable addition to your smart living room.


8. Music Flowerpot Speaker

A pot that seems like a normal flower pot, but has numerous attractive attributes that make it a fine addition to your smart living room. With waterproof built, it can sustain plantation like any usual pot. With Bluetooth connection, it can be transformed into a modish stereo. It can be used for air purification as well. With magic piano (sensor technology) you can make the plant sing any song you want. It has 7 LED colors that make it a beautiful night light.

Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker

With these smart gizmos, any smart living room in 2020 can reflect luxury and luster at affordable prices.


Smart Living Room

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