Improve sales of products and services by quickly searching, connecting and engaging qualified prospects is a difficult task. to setup brand we need Sales Intelligence System that is working for your product and services. Typically, emails are scraped from the professional social networks using bots and crawlers that collect emails address, to build an email list of sales prospects. Extracted emails and the corresponding database list are usually sold to sales and marketing teams of major companies and other interested groups of people.

How to get email Address from Linkedin Profile?

To get email Address from Linkedin Profile you need  Linkedin Email Scraper tool that automate the extracting of b2b email Address leads and accounts from LinkedIn account. To extract emails from linkedin you can use

  • Linkedin Scraper Chrome Extension (most popular)
  • Linkedin scraper python Script
  • Linkedin Scraping Software tool (API)
  • Email Scraper Service Provider 
  • Hire Freelancer for Email Scraping

In this article we discuss, compare and review all the available options for email scraping. In the first section we are review best chrome extensions for email extraction from linkedin. In second section to we discuss about python Script and in last section we review software.

Linkedin Email Scraper
linkedin email scraper

Why LinkedIn?


[ LinkedIn ] is already used by the most of the organisation sales teams to help in the prospecting and outbound sales activities. It makes it easier to identify the right contacts for the sales team to reach out to top decision makers. And LinkedIn, which holds millions of professional email addresses as well as detailed B2B database.

5 of the Most Common linkedin / Web Scraping Questions Answered before you go ahead.

How do I extract emails from LinkedIn?

linkedin email scraper
For most of tools its process is almost same, Launch LinkedIn Email Extractor or scraper chrome extension, go to LinkedIn sales navigator and apply the filter for targeted profile extraction within the sales navigator. Just copy/paste the URLs or click extract button on extension that you have installed in chrome into the program dialog window. It’s done.

Can you get someone’s email from LinkedIn?

Yes, the primary email id you have used to registered with LinkedIn is directly visible to your profile connections on LinkedIn. To get business emails or company email you needs to get sales navigator access. Under privacy setting you can change who can see your email address.

How do I get email leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is best platform to connect with professional business. It is easy to get primary emails on LinkedIn, but to find bulk emails and specifically business emails you need LinkedIn email extractor or scraper chrome extensions. You just need sales navigator account and one of the listed tools to extract emails from LinkedIn.

Is it possible to scrape LinkedIn?

Yes, you can easily scrap public data from LinkedIn, but it is hard to extract company profile and business related data in like email, phone numbers, address, job title etc. without use of LinkedIn email scraper or extractor tool. Also, bulk data extraction from LinkedIn is made possible using this scraper tools as LinkedIn has a very strong anti-Scraping algorithm.

Is it legal to scrape LinkedIn?

Many websites that act as business platforms for users to express their thought, especially those which require a user to create an account, and operate through that account (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc.) do not legally allowed scraping of their websites. check linkedin policy.

LinkedIn Scraper Chrome Extension

Use of LinkedIn Scraper Chrome Extension is the most easiest way to get complete prospect database with few clicks. Using google chrome extension you can easily extract the B2B data to connect and communicate with your potential clients.

What data you can extracts using Linkedin Email Scraper chrome extension?

Using  Linkedin Email Scraper extension you can easily extract most important data need to communicate with decision maker.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Public profile URL
  • Location
  • Current position
  • Company name
  • Company profile URL
  • Emails
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Country

Best Linkedin Email Scraper Chrome Extension in 2020

Hear we are combine the list of best Linkedin Scraper Chrome Extension to create B2B email list from LinkedIn sales navigators.

  • Email Finder is best all in one tool.
  • RocketReach: Data Capturing Made Easy… But Expensive
  • Hunter: Ease for Business..High cost
  • It’s fully automated and supports Multiple Exports
  • Only charged for the valid emails.
  • LeadLeaper : Value for money
  • Adapt LinkedIn Email Finder – Simplicity.
  • :  Linkedin Email Finder 100 Credits / Month
  • Kendo-Linkedin Email Finder
  • : Find Email Free 100 email/per month

1. Email Finder by

Best Overall tools are great! Specially Email Finder is the best Linkedin Email Scraper tool. Wonderful find of mine this year. It’s easy, accessible, and it’s surprisingly fast.


It’s crazy how it’s evolving each quarter. You get email leads from any web page and social networks, then immediately Verify email addresses and start drip marketing campaigns using a single dashboard.

_ Features

  • Scrape emails and prospects from popular professional networks, any website or google search.
  • Clean your email lists with Email Verification
  • Domain Email Search
  • Send triggered sequences with Email Drip Campaigns
  • Free Plan : 50 monthly credits and 200 drip campaign [ Full access ]

Email Finder is best for 

  • Recruiters
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Digital Marketers

[ ] customer service is great and Knowledge-base really teaches a lot. Costing is high.


2. RocketReach

leads Capturing Made Easy… But Expensive

It’s relatively easy to find almost all of the leads, and the quality was fantastic. Results are more accurate than results from free alternatives.


The best part of RocketReach is its ability to decode emails through the LinkedIn account of the target user. It also shows whether or not the specified email address is authentic.


[ RocketReach  ] Prices are a bit expensive, particularly if you need to produce a lot of data.


RocketReach Features

  • Trusted by over 1 million+ users
  • Works on LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Google, AngelList, and Millions of company corporate websites.
  • Domain Email Search
  • Emails are produced in real time to make sure max accuracy [  80% ]
  • Free Plan : free user can take advantage of some unrestricted features like Chrome Extension, Bulk Lookups, Advanced Search, API and CRM integrations free. [ Limited access ]

Rocketreach Email Scraper is best for 

  • Recruiters
  • Sales and marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketers

3. Hunter

Find email addresses in seconds

What is Hunter?
Hunter allows you to find and verify qualified email addresses from domains and corporate websites.

Hunter is so easy, and draws all important data with one mouse click. Everything has been displayed at the main dashboard, so it save lots of time in navigation’s. I really like that it’s easy to install and it doesn’t take much space on my browser.


[ Hunter  ] hunter really get you the best and accurate email results.


Hunter Features

  • Trusted by over 3 million+ users
  • Works on Professional social platform as well as company corporate websites.
  • Domain Email Search
  • Contact Data Accuracy [ 75% ]
  • Company Data Accuracy [ 77% ]
  • Integration to CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Free Plan :The Free Plan allows you to use 100 requests free of charge per month. All Hunter features are available with the exception of the Bulk Domain Search and CSV exports feature.[ Limited access ]

Email Hunter is best for 

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Digital Marketers

4. Skrapp

Find emails on Linkedin sales navigator. Build targeted B2B leads list. is a great email and LinkedIn lead generation software. Although this isn’t great enough in terms of email precision, it’s better to catch LinkedIn leads. The apps are limited to the linkedin leads extraction. But exporting leads, collecting leads in bulk, extracting email, grouping leads, editing leads is awesome.

The functions of the lead generation are simplified with [ ].

_ Features

  • Linkedin Email Finder
  • Bulk Email Finder for Linkedin Search Results
  • Manage Leads Directory
  • Contact Data Accuracy [ 75% ]
  • Company Data Accuracy [ 77% ]
  • Integration to CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Free Plan :The Free Plan allows get 150 free email credits.[ Limited access ]

Skrapp is best for 

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Digital Marketers


GetProspect is one of the simplest ways to extract email. I’ve tried most of the email extractors and now I can tell that this is the best market competitor now.

[ ] allow you to find email free 100 email/per month also you will get a list of names with corporate emails, position, LinkedIn profile URL, industry, company name, website and much more!

Look, it really doesn’t matter what you are and what you do. If you’re actually want to be successful in email marketing, earn the money you want and live in the way you’re dreaming of, [Linkedin Email Scraper] is must for your business success. Grab the one and start your email Campaign right now!

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